Thursday, July 1, 2010

not in mood~

salam...huh!aku xaw np ttbe aku not in mood..jrng nk jd cm nie..badan penat+otak penat+matangntok=xmuley tdo >.< ! huh ! ase xsedap aty pon ad nie >.<...waaaaa~~ pening suda pk np ttbe not in mood =,=" ! bad bad bad >.< ! nk nagis pon ad jgk nie(T_T)...weh ! ap prob lak kli nie?huh xlarat laa..aku xkuat tok sume nie =,="....

ap nk wt nie?otak da sakit pk mnda2 cm nie =,='..huh actly really need someone who can make me always smile...need need need ! grr..but who?can't imagine who the lucky one..but hope that guy better from other guy that i know !

p/s:need u ! only u can make me always smile :)..but now who the lucky person?very2 sad now (T_T)

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