Sunday, March 30, 2014

gatal tangan nak menulis a.k.a menaip :D


oke , 2years didn't update . hahaha so sorry ! pejam celik pejam celik this will become my last year study ! yey !!!!! hahaha then i have to go my internship . yesss ! new life begin again -.- hahahaha that's good for me . afta my internship , if ada rezeki laa kan i nak apply for TUDM . so what ? my mom allow me to join . also my others family . they allow me to join it ! love it !! hahaha

what ? my abang will not allow ? oke , kita join senyap senyap je oke ? haha that is one of my dream to become a part of tudm members :D so why must halang me rite ? but let say laa habis internship kena tunang or nikah . then oke my dream to become tudm will never comes true laa . hahaha BUT ! if no tunang or nikah , YES ! i will join tudm . hahahaha

well that only what i want said . later i will write on u oke dear blog . insya Allah if i had time laa . hahahaha bye bye for now :)